Organize your spice drawer in 4 easy steps

April 7, 2021

If you’re going to pick one space in your kitchen to organize this weekend, pick your spices.

It’s an easy win that will make your everyday cooking so much more streamlined. And I’m going to give you the steps to get it done perfectly.

1. Declutter. Take them all out discard anything expired or unused. And just a reminder that to be sure you keep what you have the space for.

2. Sort. keep what you use regularly in an easy to access location. Stash duplicates, as well as backstock (large Costco jars, I’m looking at you) in another location. An inaccessible top cabinet shelf is great for the excess that you’ll eventually dip into.

3. Contain. Keep in mind that you’re current storage solution might not be maximizing your space. Some of my favorite spice storage includes:

  • Matching glass jars. Makes a world of a difference in having a beautifully designed kitchen.
  • Drawer organizers: if you have the space in your kitchen, lay your jars down flat in either silicone or bamboo dividers.
  • Cabinet / pantry organizers: bamboo risers or turntables are the way to go, depending on how much space you have.

4. Label. You know I got you on this one! You can order your custom labels here.

Be sure to send me a picture of how yours came out!

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