How this pro organizer packs her work bag

November 17, 2020

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Organizing organizing products? You better believe my work bag is perfectly organized (and branded with my logo, no less!). Curious how I prep for a busy day with a client? I’m giving you a sneak peek inside my world, um I mean by bag.

The Bag

It’s as simple as it gets, friends. This powerhouse of a bag is from Amazon is called the Honey-Can-Do Large Trunk Organizer and checked all the right boxes: quality, well priced, built in storage options, nice fabric, and carrying handles. It also comes in a small size, but I needed the larger one since I bring quite a bit with me to my client sessions.

I also carry a fanny pack on me at all times, which is where I stash my hand sanitizer, phone, and measuring tape.

The Organizers

Bins within bins: pro organizer friends, you get me, right? There’s nothing the Multi Purpose Bins from The Container Store can’t do – and here they are, winning again. They fit perfectly inside so that my tools and accessories don’t rattle around.

I also love using vinyl zippered pouches and Iris 4×6 containers to hold all my gear.

The Gear

Speaking of tools and accessories, here’s a rundown of what I keep inside my bag.

Photo Credit: The Grey Edit Photo

  • Label maker: I make all my custom vinyl labels at home on my Cricut Maker, but a handheld one like the Brother P-Touch or P-Touch Cube is a helpful tool to have on hand (get it? on hand? ;). With the label maker,  I keep an accordion folder in a medium sized Multi Purpose bin, which holds: the made labels, transfer tape, Cricut tools, extra batteries for my hand held label maker, rubbing alcohol wipes, Goo-Gone, and a scraper.
  • Tools: a basic kit will allow you to get all the tasks done, impressing your client and keeping your project running smooth. My must haves? Hammer or mallet (I prefer a mallet because it’s softer on the walls), level, pliers and a screwdriver.
  • Hooks, push pins, and more: the little things make the difference in the middle of a job. I have a few types of thumbtacks, 3M Command Hooks, one that might get forgotten (don’t let that happen to you!) is a pack of shelf bracket pegs.
  • Museum gel: the perfect amount of gooeyness and tackiness to hold those drawer dividers in place.
  • Paper + writing supplies: post it notes, graph paper, and my planner.
  • Tape: painters tape is my third best friend, after graph paper and my tape measure. I also have a roll of packing tape that I use sometimes when decanting games and puzzles into vinyl pouches.
  • Cleaning supplies: wiping down surfaces is a sign of the times, but this was a pre-covid must. Your favorite cleaner + paper towels + gloves, and you’re set.
  • Camera: don’t forget the before and after shots! An iPhone works great. A DSLR works better. (My favorite camera tip for the best pics? Hire a professional photographer.)
  • Bags for donated items: sure, trash bags are perfect, but I tend to re-use the giant plastic bags from The Container Store

Don’t forget space for your personal items: water bottle, granola bar, wallet, etc.

Are you a professional home organizer? What else do you keep in your bag?

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