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February 24, 2021

A system so ?? easy ??, your toddler could do it – make it easy on yourselves and your kids, mama!Playroom organizing products

Here are my top 5 tips to organize your playroom so that your kids can do it on their own.⠀

1. Make it easy for them to access it and put away. Bins with easy to open + close lids are winners! Featured here are my favs from The Container Store but IKEA has similar ones⠀

2. Soft bins for little hands. I’ve got the Pudda bins from IKEA in my kids’ toy kitchen – they come in a few sizes, too.⠀

3. No more broken game boxes or missing puzzle pieces. Get yourself lots of zippered vinyl pouches (and a label maker) for all the board games, puzzles, and cards.⠀

4. Use what you already have. I keep markers and pencils in mason jars – kids can use real glass, mama!⠀

5. Did I mention easy? Yeah, I’ll say it again. I’m loving these Play & Go mats + storage systems in one!

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