An easy tea and coffee station

December 20, 2019

Organized tea and coffeeOne weird fact about me is that I don’t drink tea or coffee. Onnnncee in a while, I’ll enjoy a cup of tea – but that’s really only when I go out with a friend and the social pressure kicks in, so I order myself an earl grey. But on the regular? Nope, I just hit the ground running (although recently I’ve become slightly addicted to caffeinated chocolates for those late nights followed by early mornings… !).

That being said, an organized and streamline tea and coffee station is a must in my home! Mainly for my husband, who, like most folks out there, need that caffeine in the morning. And there’s my preschooler, of course, who requires real tea at her tea parties. Can’t let them get lost in a cabinet of messy tea bags and random containers of coffee! Plus, it’s important to me that any house guest can easily make him or herself around in my kitchen.

With a few simple products, I’ve got a streamlined station, using the following products:

I also suggest keeping the mugs in the same – or nearby – cabinet to keep the process streamlined.

Happy caffeinating!

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