Stop organizing your kids stuff

And empower them to do it themselves

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

× Keeping up with it all is just too much.

× You’re too exhausted to think about organizing the kids stuff.

× You want the proud mom moments of your kids putting their things away, without the yelling.

Take a second and think about what it would be like if you stopped cleaning up after them – and stopped yelling at them to do it.

Less arguing?

 Less clutter?

Time back in your life? 

Getting and maintaining an organized home shouldn’t be stressful.

And it shouldn’t be all on you, mama.

It’s their mess, after all.

I want you to feel confident that your kids can read all the books on the bookshelf while you’re having your (maybe cold) morning coffee, that they will put it all away when they are done.

Knowing that everyone in your home respects their belongings and treats everything with the respect it all deserves, and is on board with decluttering all the stuff.

Imagine how it would feel if your kids:

Set family organizing and tidying goals

Showed respect for their home + belongings

Cleaned up their own damn messes!

The Empower Your Kids masterclass is where I’ll be giving away all my tips on how to:

get your kids to understand the value and responsibility of a tidy and clutter free home


help THEM build the skills they need to get and stay organized.

I’ll be giving away my best tips on Thursday, May 6 at 10:00 am PST.
There will also be a recording if you can’t make the live session, with the opportunity to email me questions in advance that I’ll be sure to address during the session.

Will I see you there?